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Consultation on a new practice ground

Welcome to the consultation website for the proposed new practice ground at Aldenham Golf Club on land by Radlett Road and the M1 motorway.

Improving Aldenham Golf Club


Aldenham Golf Club has acquired the lease on the field to the south of the clubhouse, which will allow us to create appropriate practice facilities for the first time in the club’s history – allowing the club to offer long and short game practice facilities, individual and group coaching, and a six-hole academy course.

Golf has become more popular during the covid-19 pandemic – it was one of the first sports to reopen following lockdowns, while people want more leisure activities that can be played outside and with small ‘bubbles’ of people. Working from home has also given people extra time no longer spent commuting.  After several years of declining attendance, golf is undergoing a revival – particularly with younger people and women.

This expansion to Aldenham Golf Club will let us provide new opportunities for people who want to start playing golf, including young people and school groups. It will support the golf club’s future as part of a vibrant, diverse rural economy.

A planning application is being prepared for this new practice ground, but before we submit it to the council we want to hear the views of the local community.  The information below describes the site and our proposals, with instructions on how to leave your comments.


The site

The field is to the south west of the golf club, bordered by Radlett Road and the M1 motorway, as outlined in red on the map below.

Aldenham red line map.jpg

The agricultural land on the site is some of the poorest land quality in the Aldenham area – with parts being grade 3b. There will be no loss of the best and most versatile agricultural land in the area.

By supporting the expansion of a local leisure business, the proposals would support a diverse rural economy in spite of the loss of the agricultural land.


The redevelopment would not contaminate the land or create any planning precedent on the green belt site, so it would be possible for the land to return to agricultural use in the future.



The proposals consist of:

  • An increase in the size of the golf club by an additional 11.2 hectares of land.

  • The draining and remodelling of the existing field to provide a 290-yard practice ground surrounded by a six hole Par 3 academy course.

  • A new pond, which will improve the club’s water harvesting management as part of our sustainability programme.

  • The conversion of the existing practice area into a specialist short-game area.

Map of proposals

Aldenham GC New Pratice Ground site plan.jpg

Being a good neighbour


Aldenham Golf Club has always strived to be a good neighbour to people who live and work nearby. We want to ensure that this extension of the club will not have an negative effects on people living near the site.

  • There will be no buildings or lighting located within the new facility.

  • The land will remain green and open, and there will not be a significant increase in height or in visual prominence.

  • The road spur seen on the map will be only a temporary access during construction.

  • A ball machine will be located on existing club land, with only the artificial teeing areas in the new facility.

  • Access to the new practice ground will be via code-controlled gates from the club grounds.

Improving the ecological value of the land


We want to run a sustainable golf club, and will use this extension to improve the wildlife habitats on this land, protecting the existing natural environment while achieving a gain in biodiversity.

  • The farmland currently has poor ecological value due to its use for mono-crop farming, with no protected species or priority habitats.  

  • The land will remain green and undeveloped, with no new structures or lighting.

  • The site will remain in the green belt, and this will not create any precedent for further development.

  • The new landscaping and planting will turn this poor-quality mono-culture farmland into a mosaic of valuable wildlife habitats.

  • There are existing trees and hedgerows on the site that are important to preserve because of the area’s green belt designation, and these will be retained.

  • Surrounding woodland, including Berrygrove Wood, will be protected from any impacts during construction.


Managing construction


Reprofiling the land and the creation of new landscaping will involve a period of construction. To be a good neighour, we will ensure that any construction impacts are carefully managed.

  • The construction would last for a 38 week period, involving remodelling the landscape and importing new topsoil.

  • A temporary construction access would be provided off Radlett Road.

  • Construction vehicle movements will be avoiding during weekday peak periods to minimise disruption to the local roads.

  • All construction traffic will travel to and from the direction of the motorway, and no traffic will be permitted on the B426 towards Aldenham and Radlett.

Have your say


We want to hear your views on our proposals.

You can do this by filling out the form below, emailing us, or calling the consultation telephone line below.

All of the feedback will be collated and analysed by the project team before an application is submitted.

Telephone: 07385 129 091